It sounds easy, but in reality it is quite a feat for an ordinary immigrant to survive in the US The hope of building a better life inspires many people to venture into a risky chain of misfortunes. How many times do we not see our countrymen carry out countless trades for which they never dreamed of being prepared; from driving an Uber to dispatching an Amazon route, walking dogs or serving as waiters. 

These brave and feisty people often encounter significant challenges and obstacles. Language, cultural differences, lack of support networks, and ignorance of the legal and bureaucratic system can become overwhelming barriers. Through it all, they persist with determination and perseverance, willing to do whatever it takes to survive and achieve the American dream. 

Working in informal jobs has become a reality for many immigrants. These opportunities provide them with a form of income and sustenance while they try to establish themselves in a new country. Although these jobs are often considered menial or not prestigious, they represent a vital source of income for many immigrants and their families. 

Driving an Uber or dispatching an Amazon route may seem simple, but for immigrants, it involves much more than just driving or delivering packages. It requires rapid adaptation to the technologies and platforms used, as well as an understanding of local rules and regulations. Additionally, these jobs often involve long work hours, unpredictable schedules, and challenging working conditions. 

However, despite the difficulties, many immigrants find in these jobs an opportunity to learn and grow. As they gain experience and proficiency in their roles, some are able to progress into higher-paying roles with greater career prospects. The determination and effort of these individuals are examples of courage and perseverance, and deserve recognition. 

It is important to note that the work that immigrants do in these trades not only benefits themselves and their families, but also society in general. Their work contributes to the local economy, driving growth and creating employment. Additionally, their presence in the workforce helps meet demand in sectors where there are often labor shortages, such as transportation and package delivery. 

However, it is critical to recognize that these informal job opportunities should not be the only option for immigrants. It is necessary to work on the creation of legal and accessible pathways so that they can develop their skills and talents in jobs commensurate with their training and experience. This implies the implementation of more inclusive immigration policies and the promotion of training programs and revalidation of titles and credentials. 

Ultimately, surviving and thriving as an immigrant in the United States is a challenging task, but ordinary immigrants continue to demonstrate their resilience and adaptability. Their determination to build a better life for themselves and their loved ones is admirable.  

As a society, we must recognize and value their contributions, and work together to provide them with fair and equal opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential in their new home. Here it is healthy to remember the phrase of John F. Kennedy: "Immigrants, by bringing their knowledge, skills and passion for work, have enriched the history and progress of America."  

Author: Alfredo González ( 

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