El Florida Senate approved this Monday a bill that obliges companies to verify that your employees are not undocumented, and on the other hand allows the state to randomly audit companies that choose not to use the federal program known as E-Verify.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

The draft SB 664 law it found the support of 22 senators and the rejection of 18, reports the cable of the EFE news agency.

According to his report, Senator George Gainer, of Panama City and representing many rural communities in the counties of the so-called «panhandle» (“frying pan handle”) from Florida, was the only Republican to vote with the Democrats against the bill.

SB 664 requires that businesses use E-Verify, which checks the eimmigration status of workers, or that they keep a three-year record of the documents used by job applicants when completing an eligibility form, EFE points out.

El Republican Party of Florida issued a statement on Monday to celebrate this measure. "Florida's economy continues to grow under the leadership of Governor (Ron) DeSantis and by using E-Verify only we will expand jobs and opportunities for legal workers in our state," reads the note.

«(…). It is fair to require employers to abide by the rule of law and to ensure that the workers they hire are eligible and, in our country, legally," he stressed.

The measure, one Governor DeSantis Campaign Promise, Aligned with the strong immigration policies of President Donald Trump, it seeks E-Verify compliance among companies linked to the state government, but also private ones.

However, it has found the opposition of the sectors that drive the economy in the touristic “Estado del Sol”, which would lose $10.660 billion in profits y 1.250 billion in state tax revenue and local, according to a study released in February.

According to EFE, the pro-immigrant group FWD.us. noted when disclosing the report that sectors such as the agriculture, tourism and construction they would lose up to 253.500 jobs.

The study emphasized that "undocumented workers are already major contributors to the Florida economy.

He also specified that of the approximately 700.000 undocumented immigrants living in Florida todaySome 440.000 are working or looking for work.

“These workers contribute up to $36.500 billion a year in profit who remain in the state of Florida," the investigation added.

El E-Verify Sponsor, the senchanting tom lee, a Republican from Thonotosassa, said Monday that his bill "has been delayed a little bit."

It is expected that this week House of Representatives of Florida put to the vote the SB 664. If approved as the Senate did, the bill would only be pending a Governor DeSantis Signature to come into effect.

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