In other states such as New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, they approved this measure in the face of the collapse of the economy. Florida residents They ask the governor to take action on the matter.

By Miami Diario Newsroom

Florida residents interviewed by Miami Diario ask the Governor of Florida, Ron de Santis, tosuspend payment of mortgages, rents and other profits While the crisis of COVID-19 It directly affects your pocket, due to the inability to work and therefore, to pay the main monthly expense of families.

“In normal months I barely have enough to pay the rent, imagine now that they sent me home without a salary. This month I will not be able to pay the rent”, he told Miami Diario Marisela Gonzalez, a cafeteria worker in Little Havana.

The situation is similar for Edward Soto, an Uber worker, who for two weeks has seen how his income has plummeted. "Neither him mortgage I won't be able to pay for many other things this month, and I'm not just talking about myself, many people find themselves in this situation”, he insisted.

For its part, Maria Gomez, A worker at a market in Doral believes that many people are in debt with the food purchases they have had to make in recent days, “so the fairest thing is that while the crisis lasts families are relieved of the roof payment which is what has everyone going crazy.”

Juan Antonio Rodriguez, retired resident of Wechester says that “a thousand dollar check how president trump wants to do the disaster that is going to be created will not stop if people are not helped with the payment of rents and their mortgages. There is going to be a crisis worse than the one in 2008”, he assures. “It is time for the governor and the entire country to act to save families,” she concluded.

It is already applied in other states

since last sunday New York suspended evictions, foreclosures and other eviction proceedings according to various media reports.

According to a memo released by New York's top administrative judge, Lawrence Malks, all processes of evictions are suspended until further notice although people can receive notifications during this moratorium.

“Right now we need brave politicians like the governors of those states who are capable of stand up for its residents in times of crisis”, underlined Juan Gattorno, owner of a business in Kendall. “I will not be able to pay the rent of the premises where I have my business nor the mortgage from my house. If I find myself in those conditions, what can I say about my employees?

John Walkers, owner of a mall also asks to Eliminate interest payments on personal loans. “If the FED lowered rates between 0 and 0.25%, the people who are paying these loans and helping support many families and the local economy,” he said.

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