The owner of a Texas restaurant said that a customer who entered with his family the day he resumed business, he insisted on doubling his bill and left a $1.300 tip.

ByMiamiDiario Newsroom

David Fernández, owner of Autin eatery Frog & The Bull, said the restaurant reopened on Friday when the isolation measure was relaxed. That same day a client who arrived with his family and accumulated a bill of $337.

«He told me: 'Charge me double for everything' and I asked him: 'Are you sure? (…) He said that he did. »said waiter Josh Pikoff, 18, who brought Fernandez to the table when the customer asked to double his bill.

Fernandez said the man's request was honored and the customer left a tip. an additional $300 for Pikoff and a $1,000 tip for the restaurant owner.

The man signed his receipt with a message to the restaurant: "Good luck."

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