Candles in jars that were sold in a well-known store were dangerous

People are always looking for an element that harmonizes with the home, one of them can be candles placed in a glass jar. As recounted by Devoun Cetoute of the Nuevo Herald.
But these can be dangerous, as the ones offered at the well-known department store Costco had to be withdrawn immediately.

The company selling the candles indicated that they had a defect, which was dangerous for those who bought them.
Three people were injured by the candles.
Northern Lights Enterprises, Inc., located in New York, said that three people reported that they suffered cuts when removing the container with the candle in its box.
Meanwhile, another 100 people reported that the candle jars were cracked or broke easily.
The suppliers of the products, which are located in Wellsville, New York, indicated that due to the complaint, 139,500 two-tone jar candles of the Alaura brand were withdrawn and that they had a cost of $17.

Candles Sold at Costco Recalled Due to Shattering and Injuries: Northern Lights Enterprises has recalled Alaura Brand jar candles after three people suffered cuts and more than 100 people reported shattering, cracking, and breaking. pic.twitter .com/BzvOnbAFhx
— Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys (@BisnarChase) December 20, 2021

In addition, they had aromas of Frosty Forest and Vanilla Biscotti, informed the members of the candle manufacturing company.
Companies urged people to stop consuming the product
Both Cotsco and Northern Lights Enterprises, Inc. have urged people to stop using candles.
In case of any mishap, you can contact the manufacturer of the product through the telephone number. 800-407-0377 from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
Or they can also do it through the website: and click on “Safety Recall”.
While Cotsco has reported that it has contacted its customers directly, to warn them of the situation.

Miami Daily
Author: Daniel Parra 12:11 pm

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