Homeowners in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other parts of South Florida area can use Zillow Offers to request a Zillow-serviced cash offer to purchase their home.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

Eliminating repairs, buyer visits or other uncertainties, Zillow Offers is a new way to sell your property by reducing the stress that usually comes with selling a property. If the homeowner accepts Zillow's offer, they will choose their closing date and move forward at the most convenient time for the owner, between 5 and 90 days after accepting our offer. Once the property is purchased, Zillow Offers will prepare the house for sale on the market once, reported hispanicprwire.

“Our mission is to transform real estate by creating a seamless experience through Zillow Offers – no more buyer appointments, no more worrying about when your home will sell,” said Jeremy Wacksman., president of the Zillow company. "Since we launched Zillow Offers over a year ago, the response has been incredible, and we're excited to bring Zillow Offers to homeowners in all three South Florida counties looking for a stress-free way to sell their homes."

Zillow is the first company to offer this type of service in the tri-county area of ​​South Florida. As the program grows in the region, Zillow will expand eligibility to more homes and condos. Homeowners can verify eligibility by giving us the property address on our Zillow.com website. The South Florida region is Zillow Offers' 170,000th market. More than 2018 homeowners have applied for a Zillow offer to buy their home since the program launched in April XNUMX.

Zillow Offers has the exclusive support of English and Spanish speaking representatives to guide owners through the process.

Selling a property is a complex and stressful experience. Fixing up the property in order to prepare it for buyer visits and appointments are two of the most frustrating tasks for a homeowner looking to sell their home, according to Zillow research.. Additionally, 61% of sellers trying to buy a home[1] at the same time face the added challenge of spreading time between the two transactions.

Consumers who use Zillow Offers, whether to sell or buy with Zillow, can experience an even simpler real estate transaction if they choose to obtain Zillow-affiliated mortgage financing, Zillow Home Loans, to get pre-approved and purchase their next home. property.

People who buy a Zillow property have the confidence that they are moving into a home that has been professionally renovated by local contractors and is in perfect move-in condition.

Zillow Offers is expanding rapidly. The program first launched in Phoenix during 2018 and is currently available to homeowners looking to sell their homes in Las Vegas, NV; Atlanta, GA; Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, CO; Charlotte and Raleigh, NC; Houston and Dallas, TX; Riverside, CA; Minneapolis, MA; Orlando, FL; Portland, OR; and in Nashville, TN.

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