Today is Tuesday, August 31 and these are the main news of the day:

1.- A call to 911 ended with the death of a woman of Cuban origin at the hands of Miami Shores police. The report says the 47-year-old woman pointed what appeared to be a firearm at officers. The woman suffered from depression and she had a pellet gun. The victim lived with her mother, her mother-in-law, her sister, who also has a mental problem, and with her grandmother.

2.- A 22-year-old woman was charged with child neglect for leaving her 15-month-old baby alone in a car outside the Bayside. Authorities found the baby sweating and crying inside the vehicle, which had its windows slightly open. The woman was identified as Maryuri Molina Corea, a resident of Louisiana.

3.- The land where the building was located was put up for sale Champlain Towers South, which collapsed two months ago. There is already an offer for $120 million but more offers are being accepted, which will then go to court. The collapse, which occurred on June 24, left 98 dead.

4.- Two Sweetwater police officers were honored after saving the life of a year and a half boy who could not breathe after choking on a piece of fruit. Officer Samuel Dorcely and Sergeant Domingo Benito affirmed that they acted on instinct and applied the knowledge learned in their training.

5.- The singer Paulina Rubio confronted Colate, the father of her son, who refused to hand over the passport to the minor, because she wanted to stay two more weeks with him in Spain. Rubio requested an emergency hearing in a Miami court, and the judge ordered the immediate surrender of her passport.


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